• MTU Generator Sets

MTU Generator Sets

  •   The MTU series of environmentally friendly high-powered units are equipped with the famous German DaimlerChrysler(Mercedes-Benz)MTU electronic injection diesel engines Today,MTU has always stood in the forefront of the world s engine manufacturers
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  The MTU diesel generator sets produced by our company are the complete set of MTU electronic injection diesel engines from DaimlerChrysler(Mercedes-Benz),a household name in Germany.As a professional diesel generator set manufacturer,the MTU generator sets produced have the characteristics of advanced technology,excellent performance,environmental protection and long service life.
  MTU is the German DaimlerChrysler Group's diesel propulsion system part,but also the world's heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturing company,its products are widely used in military,railway,off-road vehicles,naval vessels and power stations(including non-stop standby power station).As early as 1883,MTU developed a high-speed car internal combustion engine,and in 1901,it designed and manufactured the world-famous Mercedes car,and later developed a variety of luxury models and engines.1909,MTU began to design and manufacture aircraft engines,and in 1923,it began to produce advanced performance diesel engines.So far,it has produced more than 174,000 engines,and its customers are all over the world.The 2000 series and 4000 series of German Mercedes-Benz MTU are the advanced diesel engines at present.It is the German Engine Turbine Union Fritz Hafen GmbH(MTU)in 1997 to develop and manufacture the market,including eight cylinders,twelve cylinders,sixteen cylinders,eighteen cylinders,twenty cylinders five different models,output power range from 270KW to 2720KW.It is an advanced design,and equipped with electronic management system MDEC,the electronic management system has changed the traditional high-pressure oil pump MDEC electronic management system,which is equivalent to an industrial computer installed in the German Mercedes-Benz 2000,4000 series engines,and there are many sensors connected to the computer through many cables,and the modules in the computer are factory-cured to ensure that in different environments.to ensure that in different environments,under different operating conditions,can give a suitable amount of EFI:injection pressure,injection volume,injection angle,injection on and off time.


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