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  Faraday(Liaoning)Power Technology Co.,Ltd.,as a professional manufacturer of diesel generator for over 10 years,provide various models&brands of diesel generator groups,from 3KW~3000KW.Products are widely used mining,agricultural irrigation,aquiculture,large events and emergency support,and exported to the Middle East,Southeast Asia,Africa,Europe,etc.Strong quality assurance system is the concrete base of FARADAY.We are ISO 9001 qualified,and products have CE approval.We are committed to creating reliable,safe,and efficient products,and strive to reduce fuel consumption and make efforts to protect the environment.


Tel: +8618640175862

Whatsapp: +8618640175862

Email: info@faraday-power.com

Add: Zhongchi International, No. 101, Shengli South Street, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China.