• Shangchai Generator Sets

Shangchai Generator Sets

  •   Our company is an authorized OEM manufacturer of Shangchai diesel generator sets The Shangchai generators are made with the 135 diesel engine developed and widely used in China,which has mature technology,easy to purchase spare parts and large power
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  Our Shangchai 135 diesel generator set adopts rigid connection(high-strength bolts),and the base is made of steel plate bending,which effectively improves the shock absorption effect of the set,and is specially equipped with high-efficiency shock absorption device,so there are no special requirements for the set when it is installed,and it can be handled as usual.
  Shanghai Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd.was founded in April 1947,formerly known as Shanghai Diesel Engine Plant,and was restructured into a state-controlled listed company in 1993.The company covers an area of 700,000 square meters,has more than 3,000 employees and net assets of 1.9 billion yuan.The company mainly produces diesel engines,natural gas engines,dimethyl ether engines and hybrid engines for trucks,buses,construction machinery,agriculture,ships and generating sets,with power range covering 100-1000 horsepower and emission up to Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards,and the products are distributed all over China and various regions in the world.The products have excellent power,economy and reliability.Simple matching,easy maintenance,millions of units of market holdings and good after-sales service network,so that customers are truly free from the supply of spare parts,maintenance service worries.SC series diesel engine is based on D series,which is a mature product of Shangchai Company with annual production and sales volume of over 80,000 units,and is an economic and high-efficiency diesel engine specially developed according to the working conditions and characteristics of generator sets,with higher horsepower,stronger power and lower emission,which is the ideal supporting power for power stations.


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